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          REAL                                                  LIFE

your            IMPERFECT BEAUTIFUL       


Hi, I'm Esther

If family photos haven't been your thing, maybe you haven't met the right photographer. 

I'm not here to get you dressed to impress, smiling on demand.

Nah, the photos I make of your family look and feel like you!

I've even been known to convert skeptical partners.

" I am blown away by how you captured our relationship and our home life. You have a great eye for framing and the colours are so rich."

" You are insanely talented.

Don't ever stop doing this and making stuff. "

" I am floored!!!  


These are so precious and exactly what I envisioned! Even better than I envisioned. 


Sitting here crying in my car. "

REAL LIFE at home

Life's too short and too busy to put on a show. Don't be anything other than your true and awesome self! Let the same be true for your family photos.

Teach yourselves, and your kids, the lesson that the life you live is valued! Your unique quirks and personalities are worthy of being photographed and framed for our walls. 

I leave you with a printed photo album full of personality! An album that shows the real you, and your REAL LIFE


REAL LIFE at the Cottage

Summer fun means camping with family, island picnics, long days at the beach, hot dogs and chips, ice cream cones and cotton candy, and so much more. Let's capture these glorious these glorious days under the sun.


      What is a 




REAL LIFE session is a 'day in the life' of your family Capturing life as you live it.

Using the principles of Photojournalism,

I photograph your life without interrupting it. 

Your home, your life, and your child's face, can be as clean or as messy as you like

Kind Words 


You definitely have a gift of turning the basic into beautiful and the ordinary into extraordinary. I loved all of the moments you captured.

Looking at the photos helped me to see myself and my family in a different light. As I tend to be a bit hard on myself during this season in my life, I only see the mess and the mistakes. But you managed to capture the little golden nuggets of beauty,  

Happy moments, vulnerable moments and soft caring real moments. I am grateful.  I knew my children were beautiful and amazing but this solidified it. I knew my husband was wonderful and loving but this really opened my eyes to it.  

P.s. Bill. Was a bit sceptical but he loved them too.  

REAL LIFE Right Now!

Let's do it!

Blue skies with rockr ground, trees in the distance, girl in pink dress plays with a wooden boat

I love how the photos zero in on spontaneous, unposed moments framed by the enormity of the sky and water - the beautifully powerful message to live in the moment.  

Mother smiles as she looks at baby

"Oh my!, Esther you did such a beautiful job!!!! The pictures are gorgeous- I am completely obsessed with them!! You have such a gift!! They are very, very special. Thank you so much


"It felt so natural to have you in our home. The session was

comfortable and fun!

We are so happy to have a photo memory of our real life. These are the

moments that define us as a family the beautiful natural moments.

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