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REAL LIFE sessions



Your family is inherently interesting and beautiful, as you naturally exist in your everyday life. I make photographs of your life that doesn't require any direction.

After your session, you should look back at the images and see your life, not a performance. 

When a photographer directs you and tells you what to wear and how to sit and how to act - that's a performance. You are following direction and putting on a show.

"Esther is amazing at capturing your real family life - We loved spending time with her recently, and can't wait to do it again!"

"Our first experience with proper family photos and we're so happy we chose you!
You came in and captured our real life.
I've put off doing photos for that reason

- I couldn't justify fake!"

"With Esther it's seriously come as you are.

In our session We're not doing anything fancy...

just living life on a regular weekday after school"

"We've never had family photos before because I just cannot wrap my head around the logistics...
outfits, posing, inevitable meltdowns, etc

But for this real-life session we did our regular things.... reading, playing cooking.
It was so low key fun!"

Family life is more than just smiles. 

Documentary family photography is the practice of observing what's happening and making photographs that tell the entire story.

Just as you are. 

The concept of joining us where we are, making it so easy to go to the park, go to the backyard, play trains, capture a typical morning together is brilliant. It was worth every penny!

I want to do this with you every few years. I was sharing the images with a co-worker and her kids are now teenagers, and she regrets not doing it more often, so I am taking that to heart and hoping to spend more time together again! 

You made it SO easy and comfortable. We just..... were and you captured us perfectly.

I don't think its should be a radical concept that a family's life is enough as it is. 

Families should be photographed as a documentation of how life is  (rather than how we wish they were or dreamed they would be)


The moments that we treasure most are the little bits and pieces between all the big stuff. That moment when the morning sun sweeps through a child's hair, the way we all snuggle up in bed for the afternoon nap.

When we get all dolled up and ready for a portrait, we capture a one dimensional self. 

You deserve that family portrait, but you also deserve the small moments in between.

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The pictures Esther took of our family precisely captures our everyday life. They are authentic and show who and how we really are. The true nature of our boys are revealed - outdoor adventure, exploring, their enthusiasm for family and lots of little helping hands.

Once our little boys are grown into big men. I know that these are the pictures that I will look back on to remember these early days.

I appreciate how at ease everyone feels when you're around. You have a way of blending into the background and capturing intimate moments that wouldn't be possible otherwise. You have a great eye for capturing moments that are so genuine and really tell a story.

REAL LIFE session

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