Documentary Family Photography

 Your Beautiful Life, Naturally.

No need to

leave the house,

brush their hair,

get anyone dressed,

or even, dare I say,

brush your teeth!

Print is better than digital!
Your package includes
a printed photo album!


The photos are amazing!! You definitely have a gift or turning the basic into beautiful and the ordinary into extraordinary. I loved all of the moments you captured. Looking at the photos helped me to see myself and my family in a different light. As I tend to be a bit hard on myself during this process or season in my life on only see the mess and the mistakes most times. But you managed to capture the little golden nuggets of beauty,  happy moments, vulnerable moments and soft caring real moments. I am grateful.  I knew my children were beautiful and amazing but this solidified it. I knew my husband was wonderful and loving but this really opened my eyes to it.  P.s. Bill. Was a bit sceptical but he loved them too.  


The pictures Esther took of our family precisely captures our everyday life. They are authentic and show who and how we really are. The true nature of our boys are revealed - outdoor adventure, exploring, their enthusiasm for family and lots of little helping hands.

Once our little boys are grown into big men. I know that these are the pictures that I will look back on to remember these early days.

Real Life Packages


Pop In


Let's focus on the part of your day that brings you the most joy. Plan a few all family activities and have some fun!

Portraits | Album | Digital slideshow 




Full Day

8-10 HOURS

Wake up to tuck ins. This full day experiece captures the full beauty of your family, and the relashionships in your home.

Portraits | Album | Digital slideshow






Four visits spread out over a year. Capture the milestones, growth and changes over the seasons. An amazing way to honour a newborn's first year!

*travel fee for outside Hamilton, ON

Portraits | Album | Digital slideshow



I appreciate how at ease everyone feels when you're around. You have a way of blending into the background and capturing intimate moments that wouldn't be possible otherwise. You have a great eye for capturing moments that are so genuine and really tell a story.

I really like getting the sneak peak of a few photos before getting all of them. It's always a fast turn around, and it makes me excited to see the rest.