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Esther Bryce

Hi, I'm Esther

If family photos haven't been your thing, maybe you haven't met the right photographer. 

I'm not here to get you dressed to impress, smiling on demand.

Nah, the photos I make of your family look and feel like you!

I've even been known to convert skeptical partners.

Bryce family in living room

I photograph your family as I do my own, capturing them having fun, loving on each other, and taking risks.


I am a firm deliver that photos are  evidence of childhood.

Children look to photos of themselves  as they formulate their own identity. Pictures can help build a child's confidence (remember when I did that!), they solidify relationships (there I am with grandma, as a baby), they strengthen a sense of self (this is who I am!). And when we frame photos that celebrate their personality - something I try very hard to do - we're teaching these little ones to love themselves, just as they are!


As a documentary family photographer, I keep things real and simple. I look for honest, natural moments that tell the story of your life.


Esther Bryce Photography
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