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Do you have a BIG family?

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

I am one of five kids. I'm second youngest, and I just love big families!

It's busy, loud, and everyone is doing their own thing, usually in the same room.

Basically it's chaos!

And I love it.

If you are in this outlying group of parents who have a long line up of children, I would love to photograph you. And I am quite certain that you would love to have me as your photographer.

I put zero pressure on anyone to behave a certain way,

I come to your house, so there's no worries about getting the whole group out the door,

I create photographs with layers, to get the action of the family into one photograph,

and I stay for a long time, so everyone (including that reluctant partner) has time to relax, be themselves and not crumble under the pressure of smiling, and hugging, and loving on each other for a prescribed 15 minute window.

....I don't know about you, but my kids use their sixth sense to pick up on the worst time to meltdown, use the bathroom and need snacks.

When I hang out with you, there's nothing to worry about.

Just be your selves!

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