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How to get 'just one nice family photo!'

Family photo

Have you tried to do 'nice photos' before?

I have, and it usually goes like this:

Mom (me) books photographer and date, and proceeds to build up expectations of what the images will look like based on a cocktail of the photographers best of reels and my wild imagination. 

Day of the photos, I try to stay calm, but the pressure is starting to bubble as my expectations come crashing into my reality.

  • Children have their own idea of what our "nice clothes" looks like

  • Family is getting grumpy at the timeline.

  • I'm realizing that I haven't prepared my own outfit, and my hair looks mediocre today.

By the time we get there, I'm exhausted, my fantasy as shattered, and I'm going through the motions, putting on a smile, hoping everyone gets through this alive.

Or maybe it's a bit like this:

The fam is doing their thing, life is pretty smooth, when someone (me) asks for just one nice picture.


End of the world reaction ensues

In either case, I'm left with a photo that doesn't match my reality. Our special relationships haven't been captured. There's no homage to our daily life, and all that we put into our family.

I end up with a photo of us smiling at the camera, but what I would love is a photo of the smile my kids give to me when I look at them.

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