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From pj's to morning walks with the dog, bike rides, and card games, there is so much to remember

Updated: Oct 4

I capture the personalities of everyone in your home.

I look for small moments of connection, and silly bits of humour.

I find quiet moments and home life details.

With zero pressure on your kids and partners to behave their very best, in REAL LIFE sessions, you get to be your awesome selves.

I photograph your home as it is. No clean up required.

The mess will look different in years to come.

There's important information in all the gory details.

Moments of discipline, tantrums, and sass, deserve a place in your photo albums alongside the hugs, smiles, and home cooked meals.

Slideshow from a REAL LIFE session with a family of 6!

Every REAL LIFE session includes a printed album that we co-create to include all your fave images from your session. Sending you on your way with a printed album is very important to me. I feel I would be doing you a disservice if I only left you with digital images downloaded to your computer. These albums are a great way to children to re-live their memories again and again!

This album is from a REAL LIFE WITH A NEWBORN session!

Really, Get in touch!

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