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How has your life changed?

I write this in the midst of Covid-19. Spending days and days at home with my family. I think about how our lives have changed since March 13th, the beginning of our social distancing. Just two days before my daughter turned 4.

I'm a stay at home mom, so being home all the time and meeting my kids needs 24-7 is par for the course. But things certainly are different. Our previously busy street is so quiet, the playground and swings at the end of our street are taped off. The days go by similarly to before Corona, somewhat monotonous, regulated days that seems to blur together.

But as I look through my collection of family photos, I note the small, discreet changes that I might miss, if not for my rather intense need to click click click.

We're doing more together.

I mean, I have young kids, so we're always doing EVERYTHING together. But the things we're doing are more fun. We're not just spending time together as we walk to school, and back again, and eat meals.

We are now living in those pockets of quality time that used to be so short and fleeting. And while I'll admit that comes with its challenges. I also very much enjoy my kids more when I can actually relax in their company. Between all the getting dressed, rushing out the door craziness. I get time to sit, and then I get time to play with them, or watch them play and witness the growing curiosity and creativity that happens when time and space are provided.

This doesn't sound earth shattering, but it feels enormous.

I feel the weight lifted.

Maybe it's not getting to school everyday.

Maybe it's the quick visits with my husband when he comes down from his "work from home office".

Whatever it is. I like it.

And I'm so glad I have these photos to remember that.

(**please not that I am extremely aware of my privileges. Not everyone can make the choice to stay at home. I am truly grateful.)

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