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Non-Cringe Pre-Wedding Photos

(not that I cringe at all couple & engagement images that I see. But when I was planning my wedding and it was time for me to think about "engagement photos" I was all cringe)

When I work with a couple for their wedding. I work hard to ensure the photos I make of their wedding is a true reflection of that day. It's important to me that I follow the flow of the day and don't impose myself on their timeline.

But Why Engagement photos?

I know. The thought of posing for an image where I'm supposed to perform 'what love looks like' makes my anxiety rise.

But getting together for a pre-wedding photo session is really beneficial to you and your photographer. You get a chance to work together, to feel each other out, and to see how to best work together.

As the couple, you get to practice being in front of the camera, and then see the results. You'll gain trust in your photographer, and you can walk into the wedding day, not worrying about the photos at all.

Let's make them meaningful.

Now, my partner and I didn't get the pre-wedding photos. So each time I get to work with a new couple, I suggest we do them in a way that holds meaning. Just as I photograph your wedding, I want to honour who you are as individuals, and who you are as a couple, and photograph your life as it is.

(A portrait is nice. I love a good portrait. I'm not saying a love-y portrait has no meaning. You'll look back at and remember how young and hot you were. )

But what I really like are photos that capture your life together right now. Where you're living How do you like to spend your Saturdays (maybe you're like Lex and Jamie, an make pasta together). Because I don't have many pictures of our apartment and our cute dog (who was identical to the dog below!), but I want you to have this, because this time is so special! This is what YOUR love looks like.

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