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Photos for your Children

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I take photos for my children.

For your children.

The photos you take home in your album are a time capsule. You're children will look back on them to remember the days of their childhood.

There are so many things about today that will be swallowed up by time.

I look for moments, things and activities that freeze the everyday moments to show your children how much you love them, what makes them special and how you spend time together as a family.

Here are the types of photos you can expect in your collection:

1. Details - Don't clean up! It's not mess, it's your life.

2. Action - All of it!

3. Environmental Portraits - These are pictures where I show you what I see in your child. It may be a special moment, or a look on their face, or them showing me their bedroom.

4. Fun Family Shots - The photos that just happen when you spend time with the people you love

5. Family Portraits - Cuz we all want them!

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