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When I give my kid a camera...

When I give my kids a camera, which I don't often do (because I'm paranoid that their little butterfingers will end up hitting a self destruct button).

But when they manage to sweet talk me into it, or, in this case, I buy a disposable camera, several things happen.

  1. I have to let go of what I want them to do with the camera. I hold back my very strong urge to correct lighting and angles, how many pictures are left on the roll of film, and what is or is not worthy of these previous frames.

  2. I get to see me! Not only am I in the pictures (which is so nice!), but I get to see what they've learned from me as they watch me make pictures and listen to me talk about making pictures.

My personal lesson for the day is to get in-front of the camera and let go of some of the control

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